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“You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated”

Tom Preston-Werner

A place for Dutch Formula 1 lovers


F1Head is the place for petrol heads following everything about Formula 1. We scan all the big news outlets to give you one place at which F1 fans can find the latest news. This project is aimed at the Dutch market.

International racing news platform

Racing News Online

Racing News Online is the international place for anything racing news related. Next to Formula 1, you will also find news about NASCAR, Indycar and all other racing sport classes.

Tales from forgotten history

Realm Whispers

Venture into the shadowy corridors of Realm Whispers, where ancient tales and mystical beings linger in the whispers of the forgotten world. Here, the lines between reality and myth blur, inviting you to a journey through time and imagination.

Online platform for viewing of theather shows

Theater Encore

Watch Dutch theather shows online through a portal made by QBased. Browse through professional shows record by QMedia.

Racing News at Record Speed

Racing TLDR

Motorsports news website based on giving you the news at record speed by just giving the TLDR.